Technology working for you, not the other way around

Agile methodologies

We apply these methodologies on a daily basis, making our clients' vision our compass throughout all projects.

Tailored App Development

We provide solutions that adapt to our clients' business, not the other way around.

Web Design & Development

We help our clients expand their digital businesses by designing and creating visually attractive and fully responsive sites.

Mobile Development

We keep up with current trends developing cutting edge apps for mobile.


Meet some of the firms who trusted us

The IDB has been our main client since our beginnings in 2008. We have done several projects for different departments within the Bank and we continue to do so.

Created in 2000 based in Bogotá, Colombia and it covers the Cundinamarca province. Plusvalía Labs aided COOPSER to innovate in the Business Intelligence and Technology arena through the deployment of an integral and custom solution that provided better decision making, cost and time savings which became a competitive advantage for COOPSER.

The company developed the Compete Caribbean Administration and Reporting System (CCARS) from scratch. This system seamlessly integrates all areas of Project Administration, including Project Preparation, Execution, Monitoring and Evaluation, Managerial Reports and Financial and Operations Administration, in one single place.


We are a multidisciplinary team with a perfect combination of Business & Technology knowledge.

Since January 2016 we became Genexus Silver Solution Partners! This allows us to provide even better services using Genexus Technology.

We get access to special benefits and premium services by being Silver Solution Partners. With one goal in mind...to give you an even better value added


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